Freshly 39, that’s where you’ve found me.  It’s interesting, I’m not so concerned with aging.  I’m not hung up on the number, or feeling old or young.  I know that in the scheme of life, with any luck, 39 is still young.  It’s not 19 young, 25, or even 35 young.  It’s its own space, and it is a good one.  Mostly, I feel happy, content, excited about life.  Even considering the ups and downs, the side-tracks, and lots of flaws, life is still good and I feel hopeful and excited about the future.   I see a lot of beauty in the world and I live in my favorite city in the world, San Francisco.  Optimism and opportunity are driving me to attempt to achieve more than I ever dreamed possible.  Correction, I’ve always dreamed big, and I have achieved heights that seemed unfathomable to me as a young adult, but I’ve always harbored some dreams that seemed out of reach.  Creating Work I Love and really defining who I am as an artists are two things I’ve set myself to do.   In this blog, I will document my journey.

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