After the Rain

Posted on November 8, 2010


The bad news is, I’m having what I hope is a minor health crisis, but I should know more about what’s happening today.   One of the negative side-effects was canceling all my weekend activities so I could rest and not strain myself.  This is one of my least favorite ways to spend the weekend.  I like to be active, social, and out of the house.   The good news is, I was feeling better on Sunday afternoon, so me and my boys took a late afternoon stroll, after the rain stopped.  The sky was such a beautiful blue, with those puffy, white clouds I love so much, the air was crisp, and SF was reflected in every puddle.


Deck Chairs

Bird Bath


Rain Coat


Fires escape with blue sky






Red Flower with rain drops


More red flowers


Birds of a Feather

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