Tender is the Loin

Posted on November 5, 2010


I’ve been taking photographs of the Tenderloin for about a year now, with the intention of creating a photobook.   I’m really excited to say that the fabulous Deb Doran has agreed to collaborate with me on the project.  Deb Doran knows more about the history of San Francisco and the Tenderloin than anyone I ever met.  She’s also a fantastic writer and storyteller.  We’ve been discussing different ideas for awhile now, and we’re still in the planning phase.   We both wish we could move this along faster, but we’re both busy right now, so we’re going with the flow, as they say.

We thought we’d give a sneak preview of some of our favorite pictures from the series.  We’d also like to know what YOU would like to see in a book about the Tenderloin, or if you’d like to see anything at all!

Regarding the question of what actually constitutes the Tenderloin, I take my personal philosophy from the litmus test for pornography:  I know it when I see it.

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