Posted on November 5, 2010


I’ve been busy, busy, busy.  Building a few websites, studying  for my Inbound Marketing certification, taking care of Omar.  It feels good to be more focused, and to see some real progress in my work.  A few things have really helped me see that progress.  First, I started waking up early to work before Omar wakes up.  It’s 6:30am right now, and I’ve been up for awhile.  Working in the morning is fantastic.  I can get alot done in a few hours because my mind is sharper in the morning.  I can also enjoy my afternoon with Omar without stress or guilt that my projects aren’t progressing.   Second, I started using a new, simple organizational system, that has made a world a difference.  In essence, it is a running list that you update and review regularly.  One pass through to take inventory of all the things I’ve noted need to be done, then I pick what I want/need to work on.  After working, cross it off the list.   If it’s not finished, add it to the bottom of the list again.  Simple, fabulous!

These two developments have have helped me see some real progress in my work, and created a sense of peace in a time of chaos.  That sense of peace has reignited my creativity.  Ah, now that feels good.   So, here are the things that have been inspiring me lately.


Yes, I know it’s over, but I’m still feeling inspired by these pictures days later.

Sushi Dog

Halloween Mask with Trixter

Pretty Things at Chez Moi

Table from Swankety Swank, now with found Paris Plate

I found this beautiful, wood sidetable at the Goodwill for $16.00.

Pink Spray Roses make me happy.

Bidoun Magazine

I really love the project Bidoun did for their Fall 2010, Library themed edition.   Bidoun is an art magazine devoted to promoting contemporary art and culture from the Middle East.  The word Bidoun means “without” in Arabic and Farsi.   Each cover of this edition has a unique photograph attached to the cover.  These photographs were sourced  “market stalls and dusty storage spaces of Cairo,” for approximately .18 cents per photo, shipped to Las Vegas to the printer to be affixed, one per magazine, to each edition.  While pondering questions of representation and other arty-type issues, Bidoun is also thinking about taking something completely off the radar, and bringing into the world of cultural capital.  Now each photograph has an ISBN number, and exists in numerous libraries around the world.  An impressive feat considering the total lack of both historical and contemporary knowledge of the Middle East outside of  constructed and warped identities of Orientalism and Jihadist.  In the end, Bidown acknowledges these photographs, like the magazine itself, are inevitably just detritus.

All we are, is dust in the wind


Photo Detail

Fall Weather and Baloons


Beautiful Blue Sky

Gorgeous Sunsets

And Baloons! These pretty pastel baloons were flying in front of the Costume Shop by our house.


That’s it for now. Have a great day!

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