Posted on July 19, 2010


Mabruk translates to “congratulations” in English.  I had the pleasure to experience quite a few things that call for a round of congratulations.   Friday, I photographed my friend Melody’s wedding.  The ceremony was at City Hall, the reception at an amazing SOMA Cuban restaurant. After a long battle to bring her now husband to the United States, the ceremony and celebration were especially sweet.  Melody and Miguel looked blissfully happy the entire night.

Mabruk Melody and Miguel!

Melody and I met in college.  I’ve been lucky to have had quite a few adventures with her, including traveling to Iran and Istanbul together.   When I was photographing her with her bouquet, it reminded me of one of my favorite pictures of her.  I snapped it while she was  holding a bouquet of red poppies some Iranian school girls gave us at the tomb of a Persian goddess.   I feel lucky to have shared so many crazy and wonderful moments with her, and I look forward to creating new memories with her family and mine.  Mabruk Melody and Miguel!

Saturday, I stopped by Swankety Swank to check out their monthly trunk sale.  I  enjoy it when the  artists are on-site with their work.  I also like working with indie artists; I see alot more creativity in the presentation of their work.  Below are the tables by Katya Khan of Urbanomad and Tiana Saul of Sayuri Designs.  You can see my post on the Swankety Swank trunk sale at  Mabruk Swankety Swank for another amazing trunk show!

While I was in the store, I noticed some new stuff from gibbous, this hat being my favorite.  I’m a bit obsessed with them right now.  I love their work, and their philosophy rescuing old Victorian clothing, silk slips, trinkets, etc. and using their hand-made process to create on-of-a-kind pieces that will last another lifetime.  Mabruk gibbous on this absolutely gorgeous hat…it takes my breath away.

I left Swankety Swank and headed downtown to pick up a gift for our friend’s new baby, Julia.  Along the way, I walked up Camelita Street on the way to catch the N Judah.  I absolutely love this pretty little street.  Every time I walk through, there are  new flowers blooming.  I’d like to thank the home owners for making their street so enjoyable to walk through.  Mabruk Camelita Street!  And Mabruk to me and everyone else who has the pleasure of walking on this gorgeous street.

Finally, after running all my errands and shopping, I started heading home.  I was waiting for the bus when I saw this amazing display at Torso Vintage on Sutter Street.  This is a vintage, Italian, trapeze cape in shades of blue and gold with hand embroidery, beading, and sequins.  I was taking some photos from outside when one of the staff started telling me about a little history of the cape.  The response from people walking by was incredible.   People would stop in their tracks to oh and ah over this piece.  I wish it were mine, but I’ll just have to enjoy the pictures for now.  So, Mabruk to you Torso, for acquiring this exquisite piece, and working the hell out of it in this fantastic visual display.