Sidewalk gardens and other delights

Posted on July 6, 2010


When I realized we needed a few things from Trader Joe’s, I decided to walk there.   With a couple shopping bags and my Lumix, I set off through Russian Hill.   With the neighborhood criss-crossed with sites and attractions  like the cable car lines, Grace Cathederal, and Lombard Street, you’ll find tourists in the more quiet places of the city, taking in the architecture and unexpected sweeping views Russian Hill is famous for.  One of the reasons I love to explore cities on foot is all the simple treasures one can miss by car or bus.  Walking allows for the luxury of creating your own unique memories. When I walk, I decide what’s worth my time to stop and explore.  No crowds, no lines, no waiting.  Just me and the moment.

Today’s entry reminds me of one of my favorite SF artist projects, Kate Pocrass’ Mudand Journeys. Mundane Journeys is a weekly series of self-directed city tours with the goal of enjoying “tiny eccentric adventures” around San Francisco.

So, here’s tonight’s mundane journey through Russian Hill.

Who can't use a little Christmas cheer?

I found this sweet little sidewalk garden.

Russian Hill Apartments

The beautiful Fay Park. I love this sweet little park and it's lovely roses.

Exquisite Petals

Fay Park Roses

Fountain at the San Francisco Art Institute

Lush greeness

Pink and blue never looked so good

Love the Clown