Thursday: Divisadero Art Walk

Posted on June 7, 2010


After a week of crappy weather, Thursday delivered a perfect night.  Not too hot, not too cold; a rare temperate night in San Francisco. Just right for an art walk.  They always bring up warm and fuzzy feelings for me, taking me back to my days in Columbus, Ohio, fresh out on my own, doing the Short North Gallery Hop.  The Divisadero Art walk, like any good walk,  had energy, crowds, unique consumables, art, music, food and drink.  Some highlights included the beautiful, Parisian salon-like  Swankety Swank, featuring  the lush sounds of DJ Rio, Backspace, with an amazing selection of fierce earrings at all price points and the always amazing The Other Shop. After shopping their mid-century modern wares, my soon to be married friend decided to have her wedding registry with The Other Shop.  Shopping local is so much better than getting shit that will fall apart from Macy’s or Target.  I also recently learned through the 3/50 Project that for every $100 spent in local establishments, $68 circulates in the community, $25 more than if you shop at a national chain.  Another reason to shop local! Moving down the street,  we found the lovely young  lady with the rainbow-feather headband, finding recruits to have their picture taken with the robust, knit clit.  Pictures taken with the work of art can be sent to   Past Oak Street, the art walk became a big street party.  There are quite a few artist sidewalk stands dotting the length of Divisadero, as well as musicians.   People spilled out into the streets from bars and restaurants, including a few with sidewalk seating, sipping cheap beers and hanging out.  We loved where and how Tidal Wave designer Sharla Pidd set up her sidewalk table of earrings and necklaces. I loved Vanessa L. Beckrum’s paintings at  Big Umbrella Studios and The Parish Trust offering “art, antiques & amusement” in the form of curios, antique type writers, and atmosphere  is simply amazing and a must-see.  There are so many great places to visit on Divis!  Information on the quarterly art walks and info on special discounts from local shops and restaurants the night of the walk are at Divisadero Art Walk.  Walking to catch MUNI, my friend and I both felt that it was a night that made us remember why we love our city by the bay so much.